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Archer’s Aisha Tyler Opens Up About Her Character, Lana

Photo Credit: Patrick McElhenney/FX Network
Photo Credit: Patrick McElhenney/FX Network

Archer‘s beautiful Lana Kane is voiced by the equally stunning Aisha Tyler, whose past credits include stand up comedy, Friends, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Criminal Minds, voices in several video games, and 24. Her recent role in Archer has her breathing life into a gorgeous animated field agent who has now taken on the role of a mother, as she has had a child with long term flame, the titular character.

Ms. Tyler was present at San Diego Comic-Con to do press for the hit FX shows, answering all the questions thrown at her about Lana. Tyler comments on the real life elements being put into her character, what she wants for Lana’s future, and drinking habits of both the actress and the animated agent.

Below are the questions the roundtable interviewers asked Tyler, and the timestamp in which she gave her answer:

Question #1: I feel like you are getting to do more emotional work with Lana these last couple seasons. Was that a result of a kid coming into the picture?

Answer: 0:15

Question #2: -Aisha is asked about Lana’s drinking and if Aisha drinks in real life.-

Answer: 1:06

Question #3: What single episode stands out for you?

Answer: 1:45

Question #4: Did you bring anything to the table in regards to the character of Lana?

Answer: 2:37

Question #5: -Aisha is asked a question about character being more like she is in real life.-

Answer: 3:17

Question #6: Anything you’ve taken from Lana, has she changed you in any way?

Answer: 4:26

Question #6: -Aisha is asked a question about an episode that featured events based on her life-

Answer: 5:10

Question #7: What goals does Lana have, what do you see for her future?

Answer: 6:12

This video was recorded by Al Mannarino and Ryan Demarco, with editing by Erin Mathis. Question transcription was written by Logan J. Fowler

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