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Drunk History’s Derek Waters on the Show’s Origin, Guest Star Dreams


Drunk History’s Derek Waters on the Show’s Origin, Guest Star Dreams

Drunk History has been a staple of Comedy Central for three years. The show details major elements of our past but from an inebriated perspective. The guest list for the program borders on insane, as celebrities from Laura Dern to Winona Ryder have contributed to the silly slurred shenanigans.

Derek Waters, one of the peope helped bring the program to comedic life, was in attendance at San Diego Comic-Con 2016, and took time to answer questions regarding how the show got its start, who he’d like to be on in future seasons, and the writing process.

Below are the questions the roundtable interviewers asked Waters, and the timestamp during which he gave his answers:

Question #1: This show mixes my two favorite things: history and drunk. How did this show come to be?

Answer: 0:25

Question #2: Do you think that they have to be drunk or that the stories would be just as off?

Answer: 1:16

Question #3: I’m still hoping you do a Renaissance Faire style episode. Any chance of that?

Answer: 2:21

Question #4: -Renaissance Faire Question is added onto-

Answer: 2:36

Question #5: Of all the big events in history, what is at the top of your list?

Answer: 3:16

Question #6: What segment took you the longest to get through because it was so funny?

Answer: 4:02

Question #7: Do you give your writers/narrators a topic or what they might know about? How does the process work?

Answer: 5:20

Question #8: Is there any guest stars or people in your mind that you really want on the show this season or future seasons?

Answer: 6:07


This video was recorded by Al Mannarino and Ryan Demarco, with editing by Erin Mathis. Question transcription was written by Logan J. Fowler


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