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Star Trek Sticks to Progressive Roots, “Discovery” Series to Have Female Lead

Written By: Alisha Weinberger


Much like its original predecessors, today’s Star Trek franchise continues to break borders and pushes the final frontier.

With the success of its recent films, CBS is set to start shooting its newest television series Star Trek: Discovery in two months, with a new female lead as confirmed by Variety.

The show produced by CBS Television Studios, is in the midst of casting, the role could potentially go to a woman of color.

During last month’s Comic-Con panel, Executive Producer Bryan Fuller spoke of Mae Jemison, the first African-American female astronaut, and the original Uhura, actress Nichelle Nichols, as inspirations.

Progressive representation is nothing new to the franchise both new and old. Avery Brooks played Captain Benjamin Sisko on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”, was the first African American to lead a “Star Trek” series. Kate Mulgrew was Capt. Kathryn Janeway on “Star Trek: Voyager” and was the franchise’s first female lead. However, the female lead of “Discovery” specific rank and position has yet to be announced.

David Semel is set to direct the premier, “Discovery” is scheduled for January. The first episode will debut on the main CBS broadcast network with subsequent episodes available exclusively on subscription streaming service CBS All Access.

Alisha Weinberger
Alisha Weinberger
Alisha Weinberger is a comic book, video game, and animation enthusiast and critic. Along with comic reviews, she also maintains The Pop Break twitter feed. Alisha thoroughly enjoys the warm embrace of coffee, says "dawg" and "dope" ad nauseam, and shares a reluctant resemblance to Tina Belcher.

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