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Wrestling Podcast Power Rankings: Sabu Speaks, Funk Reminisces, and Jericho Turns Japanese

Written by Mark Henely


Art of Wrestling – EP 311 – Sabu

Sabu doesn’t do a lot of interviews, so this interview could be very valuable for fans desperate to hear what the real man is like. Turns out, he’s very soft-spoken. But, he is pretty interesting. The best part comes when Sabu talks about

Art of Wrestling – EP 312 – Terry Funk

Host, Colt Cabana, is very excited to have Terry Funk on the show. Nothing too shocking happens on the episode, but it is a good (if forgettable) conversation where fans will be left with a sense that underneath it all, Funk really is a professional who is all about putting on a great show.

Talk is Jericho – EP 268 – Andy Kindler

I find myself consistently impressed with Chris Jericho’s podcast. While the excessive ads can make the podcast feel cheap, the actual content can be very very good. He has a wide range of interests between Wrestling, Comedy, and Hard Rock and this allows him to book guests that aren’t on other wrestling podcasts.
Andy Kindler is a great guest. He is incredibly funny and the conversation they have about comedy goes deep. On this episode, Kindler gives the best explanation I’ve ever heard for why people turned against Dane Cook.

Talk is Jericho – EP 269 – Shinsuke Nakamura

Is it me or is Jericho doing a stereotypical Japanese accent in this episode? I don’t think Jericho is trying to be offensive or is trying to mock his guest, the Japanese Shinsuke Nakamura, I think he just falls into that accent when talking to Japanese people.
Jericho’s bizarre accent symbolizes the struggle Jericho had with this interview. Nakamura is a real get as a guest. Nakamura can definitely speak English, but he is limited. As a consequence, they never really get anywhere deep in this interview. Fans who are familiar enough with Nakamura’s work will likely know everything that is covered in this interview before they even discuss it.

Talk Is Jericho – EP 217 – Glen Hughes

I’m often hesitant to check out Jericho’s interviews where he talks to members of classic rock bands. It’s not that he ever does a terrible job with it, it’s that I don’t generally have a ton of interest in some of these old bands. But, this episode where Jericho talks to Glen Hughes, the bass player from Deep Purple, is worth a listen. Hughes is a warm and engaging guest and Jericho frames the interesting points about Hughes very well.

The Steve Austin Show – EP 345 – Gabriel Iglesias

I really love how much the host, Steve Austin, and Gabriel Iglesias seem to enjoy and respect each other. Both men are elite level performers in their fields and and think that is what allows them to be vulnerable in front of each other. The sweetest part is when Austin fondly recalls a time when Iglesias drunkenly texted him about how he “needed” to come out of retirement to wrestle CM Punk at Wrestlemania. It’s an idea that is as obvious as it is unlikely to ever happen and you could imagine that it is the type of nonsense that Austin would ignore from anyone he respected less than Iglesias.

The Steve Austin Show Unleashed – EP 346 Bill Burr Part 2

The second part of Austin’s interview with Burr is just as good as the first part. There’s some really good stuff in there about how Burr manages his material when writing a new hour that is valuable to anyone interested in the inner-workings of stand up comedy. As long as listeners can get through an extended discussion of how to fly a helicopter, they will find some stuff to like.
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