Suicide, Apocalypse, Civil War: 2016 Summer Movie Wrap-Up Breakcast


Pumpkin spice everything is back on the shelf. The final pre-season football games are being played. And we’re heading into Labor Day Weekend.

Yes, the summer movie season is officially over as quick as it started.

Pop-Break’s film editor Daniel Cohen, and editor-in-chief Bill Bodkin sat down in late August to discuss the season that was. They break down everything from Bill’s “chain restaurant” theory about the summer to Dan’s hatred of Suicide Squad, our division over Captain America: Civil War, to the apathy that came after Ghostbusters release, to the surprise of the season that was Sausage Party.

We will be referring to a number of reviews throughout the podcast, particularly Dan’s 2016 Summer Movie Wrap-Up, which you can read here.

Please note we will be talking about some spoilers throughout the podcast, so this is your warning.

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