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Monday Night RAW is Still The Kevin Owens Show

RAWlogo2I really did not expect AJ Styles to win the WWE Championship last night. But kudos to him, it was a great match with a heelish finish, so I imagine this isn’t the last of Dean Ambrose.

RAW kicks off with Mick Foley, looking more homeless than ever. Geez man, trim the beard a little?  He talks about the upcoming RAW-exclusive Clash of Champions. Yay! Two weeks. Sheesh. He discussed the Women’s Championship and brings Charlotte out. This promptly turns into another segment with Charlotte berating Dana Brooke. This time, Brooke finally snaps and lashes out at Charlotte. This segment is interrupted by Sasha Banks and Bayley who offer themselves to challenge for the Women’s Championship. Foley then books Banks vs. Bayley, but then Brooke is also put into the match after smack-slapping Charlotte and appears to have made a face turn.

Sasha Banks defeats Bayley and Dana Brooke

Solid match, at points it was “who can pin Brooke first?” Brooke filled the role of being the tough strong one, but Bayley and Banks had their moments of a clinic. In the end, Bayley hit the Bayley to Belly Suplex, but Banks turned it into a roll up. It looked like both had shoulders on the mat, but the ref counted Bayley out, giving the win to Banks.

Backstage: Brooke apologizes to Charlotte for failing to win. Oh, so it was a setup all along, in any effort to prevent the others from getting a title match. Charlotte still pissed off.

Haven’t we beaten this angle between Brooke and Charlotte to death already?

Backstage: The Shining Stars attempt to sell a Timeshare to R-Truth. He was ready to sign on the line as long as Lil’ Jimmy could come too. Goldust saves him. Enzo and Cass show up and a match is made.

Backstage: Kevin Owens is awesome.

Bo Dallas defeats The Jobber

Bo Dallas is meaner. He’s an angry boy.

Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho and Sami Zayn

Jericho antagonizes Zayn with praise for Owens, until Zayn turns the verbal tables and berates Jericho for being old and becoming a lackey. Jericho cracks Zayn with the codebreaker. They will face each other at Clash of Champions.

In case you were confused, Cesaro won a match against Sheamus at a Live Event over in London, which brings the series to 3-1, Sheamus’ favor. Sheamus works over the injured back of Cesaro, which the Swiss Superman sells all match long. No big power moves tonight, a lot of counters and takedowns instead. Cesaro manages a win by using the ropes for leverage, which was a good twist to the finish. Cesaro is catching up, with the series now 3-2.

Backstage: Seth Rollins and Mick Foley have a tense conversation, where Rollins accuses Foley of being in Stephanie’s bankroll and wants Owens one-on-one. Foley says Reigns was just as wronged and deserves another shot. Rollins says Foley doesn’t have the guts to stand up to Stephanie, like he did last week when he prevented Stephanie from suspending him.

Nia Jax destroys Alicia Fox

Fox gets some offense, but then Jax plows herself with Fox through the barricade and Fox is out. Jax wins via fatality.

The New Day makes their great entrance, even greater. No, not another DBZ costume, but they are handing out bowls, and pouring Booty-Os cereal from a boot. Genius. In the ring, they cut a promo profusely apologizing on behalf of Gallows and Anderson for what many thought was the worst promo in history. So bad, when Big E. attempted to replay it, he couldn’t because the footage was burned. Big E. does a Jedi Mind Trick on Xavier, and Kofi yells at Woods to stop getting hypnotized. Woods gets mad at The Club for failing to be entertaining, because that is their thing… “Do NOT touch our THING.” Xavier says Gallows and Anderson physically took the fans’ time and tossed it into a dumpster fire. I love New Day. Gallows and Anderson come out to spoil the fun, and have a match.

Gallows and Anderson defeated Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston – Pretty good match. Xavier is great in the ring, not just for moves but his antics in the ring are very entertaining. Sadly, the fight goes to Gallows and Anderson as Xavier is brought down with the Magic Killer.

Jinder Mahal explains he left because he felt WWE has been full of hate, and embarked on a travel of finding inner peace. Jack Swagger is his opponent tonight. We The People is still alive and well with the live crowd. In a short match, Swagger once again shows anyone can go from World Champion to enhancement talent very quickly. Mahal wins via some sort of neckbreaker.

Backstage: Sad Jack Swagger is approached by doofy Todd Philips. He says “it’s no secret” Swagger’s RAW contract is running out. Swagger blinks a few times, then leaves. Uhhh, so there are specific contracts now, huh? Swagger gets drafted to NXT. Please.

Epico defeats Enzo – Another classic heel move to win, Enzo suplexes Epico over the ropes, who counters into a crossbody, while Primo trips and holds the legs of Enzo who can’t kick out of the pinfall. Clever. I’m glad to see Primo and Epico getting some wins, despite this awful travel agent gimmick.

Promo package airs for Braun Strowman. Lots of jobbers were sacrificed in the making of this video.

Backstage: Rollins and Owens have a great segment. Rollins talking about how he wants Owens one-on-one to stick it to Triple H. Owens is great. Tells Rollins his cackling laugh is annoying, plus how Rollins’ career has involved Rollins using others to gain wins, bringing up Kane and J&J Security. Also a nod to Jon Stewart. Also brings up how Triple H had his back, but no more. Rollins new gimmick should be, Redesign… Rebuild… Replaced. Before things get crazy, Foley shows up to send Owens to the ring, and warns Rollins should he interfere, there will be consequences. I love Rollins vs. Owens. Please no Reigns at Clash of Champions.

Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens – If Reigns wins, he is added to the Championship match

Reigns spent most of the match being booed. Owens ridicules “the guy” moniker. Love it. Fans clearly behind Owens with “Fight Owens Fight” chants. Decent match, Owens clearly the aggressor with Reigns getting in some offense here and there. Match spills to the floor, and Rollins attacks Owens, which prompts the ref to cal for the bell, meaning Owens wins by DQ and Reigns is out.

WRONG! Mick Foley comes out, losing his mind and has officials escort Rollins away, and Foley then restarts the match. Owens not happy, loses his cool, which Reigns uses to turn the tables. We get a battle on the top turnbuckle, lots of Suplex and throw attempts, until finally, Owens counters a superplex attempt into a top rope fisherman’s buster drop. Pin attempt is kicked out, Owens then crushed with a frog splash, but Reigns kicks out again. Attempted cannonball is missed, and it sounds like the crowd might be getting behind Reigns. Superman punch connects, but Owens kicks out. Reigns hits a drive-by, but Owens comes back with a superkick and two cannonballs. Owens goes for the Pop Up, but Reigns counters with a pinfall attempt into a sit-out Powerbomb. Crowd is on their feet, as there have been many very close near-falls. As Reigns charges up, RUSEV rushes the ring, Reigns instead hits Rusev with a superman punch, allowing Owens to hit the Pop Up Powerbomb for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Kevin Owens, and Roman Reigns is NOT in the main event at Clash of Champions


Post-match, focus is on Rusev and Reigns, as Rusev beats the hell out of Reigns and dominates him to close the show.

Michael Dworkis
Michael Dworkis
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