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The Cruiserweights are coming! The Cruiserweights are coming!


The Cruiserweights are coming! The Cruiserweights are coming!

RAW kicks off in the ring with the music of Roman Reigns being drowned by boos from the live Memphis crowd. He wants vengeance, except that pay-per-view isn’t this Sunday, we have Clash of Champions. He is interrupted by Stephanie McMahon who is quickly interrupted by Mick Foley. This breaks down into Foley trying to prove himself, which comes off as strange, even when he blatantly asks the live crowd, rhetorically, “How can anyone boo Roman Reigns?”

Kevin Owens thankfully came out, but he was shut down with the reveal of being booked in a Steel Cage match against Roman Reigns tonight, in a Steel Cage. Plus, Reigns gets another match for the United States Championship against Rusev at Clash of Champions.

This must be Foley Appreciates Reigns Night.

The first match features Seth Rollins and Rusev brawling to a double-count out. Bummer, was a good match, but this was set to likely hype Rusev’s later involvement in the main event.

Our second match features Braun Strowman devouring Sin Cara. His opening roar in his entrance theme sounds like me, when I’m trying to Crohn’s Puke my guts out. Really, ask my wife.

Backstage: Lots of people complain to Foley. Jericho gets so mad, he’s… he’s going to make a list! He’s gonna show it to Foley! Foley is going to get sad!

Charlotte and Dana Brooke defeat Sasha Banks and Bayley. Before the match, Brooke and Charlotte whine about last week’s double-pin. Brooke says since they were both pinned, they should both be out of the championship hunt. Foley agrees both sets of shoulders were down, and decides both Banks and Bayley should challenge Charlotte for the RAW Women’s Championship this Sunday. Brooke continues to be ridiculed by Charlotte. Backstage, Banks and Bayley have some competitive banter about the match. Decent match, but with some a distraction by Brooke, Bayley eats a big boot and is pinned by the champ.

Before a commercial, Seth Rollins is shown entering Stephanie McMahon’s broom clo… I mean, office. Because the McMahons have an office in EVERY GODDAMN ARENA on Earth! Back from commercial, Rollins confronts Steph about her involvement and backing of Kevin Owens. Steph gets angry and decides to openly bash Rollins, and put over Kevin Owens as the new face of Monday Night RAW and she believes Owens is the right man to be champion. Rollins tells Steph he will be her worst nightmare, and says she’s cracking under the pressure from Shane McMahon.

Is it just me, or does Bo Dallas sound like Bray Wyatt these days? His poetry is a bit creepy, and Gary Graham is the latest victim of this new attitude. Believe in Bo-Lieve in Bo! Not sure that makes sense, but since when was that important?

Cesaro ties up the series against Sheamus with a solid pinfall victory with the Neutralizer. This one is heading to Clash of Champions for its conclusion. I guess the winner gets a shot at the Universal Championship at the following event? Cesaro vs. Owens would look really good.

We get a very funny segment featuring Chris Jericho and The List. This list features things he does not like about Mick Foley, which suddenly turns into a list of things he hates about everyone. I had a flashback to Jericho’s list of 1004 moves. He is interrupted by Enzo and Cass who have some fun, until Shining Stars Primo and Epico attempt to sell some real estate until The New Day arrive, only to be interrupted by Gallows and Anderson. The quad-promo is interrupted by an Angry Jericho who tells them all “you’ve just made the list” but is then attacked by his Clash of Champions opponent, Sami Zayn. We come back from commercial to a 10-man tag team match.

Sami Zayn, Enzo, Big Cass, and The New Day defeat Gallows, Anderson, Primo, Epico, and Chris Jericho. Great match, really fun to watch and entertaining.

Very nice promo package honoring Eddie Guerrero  in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Mick Foley flubs a few lines as he introduces four Cruiserweights who will compete for the #1 Contendership to the championship, winner facing T.J. Perkins at Clash of Champions this Sunday.

Brian Kendrick defeats Gran Metalik, Rich Swann, and Cedric Alexander

Good match, obviously not up to the standard set if you watched the CWC. Still, we got a solid sampling of what the CWC was about and the abilities shown in the ring. I had a feeling Kendrick would win the match, but overall, still enjoyed their debut on RAW.

Main Event – Steel Cage Match: Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens

Owens tried hard, but this was hard to watch. Reigns was Reigns, and thankfully Owens got to beat up on him before he started no-selling everything. Obligatory simultaneous punching spot, did not rile up the crowd. What did rile the live audience was Reigns clocking Owens as he went for the Pop Up Powerbomb. Owens kicked out, then hit the PUP on Reigns, who kicked out as well. Owens bashes Reigns numerous times against the cage fence, but then Reigns no-sells again and clocks KO again with the superman punch. In the end, Reigns climbed over the cage and escape before Owens could go out the door. His prize for winning, is an ambush by Rusev. Reigns is double-teamed by Owens and Rusev, with the door locked shut via chain. Of course, Seth Rollins rushes in, diving off the top of the cage, saving Reigns.

Huh, all three members of the disbanded Shield are all face.

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