Box Office Predictions: Can Storks or Magnificent Seven Defeat Sully?


Notable Openings This Weekend: The Magnificent SevenStorks

Hot off my $26 Million dollar prognostication for Blair Witch, I’m back with box office predictions!  To be fair, many people had Blair Witch doing well, so leave me the hell alone!  If we learned anything this year, it’s that Jurassic Park seems to be the only 90’s property that people still care about.  Both Independence Day and Blair Witch failed.  Curious to see what this means for Power Rangers next year, but that’s a discussion for another day.  I don’t think a Saved by the Bell movie is happening anytime soon.  Getting back to this century, we have a remake and random animated kids movie to discuss.  Spoiler alert – both will do well.


Let’s get Storks out of the way first.  There’s a reason this wasn’t given the summer treatment.  We aren’t talking about The Secret Life of Pets here.  It looks like your typical garbage that will entertain the kids while mom or dad stays home to watch the Los Angeles Rams not score a touchdown.  It won’t break the bank, but it’s the only kids game in town.  It will do fine.

A couple years ago, a studio head would have made the decision to release The Magnificent Seven in the summer.  Thanks to movies like The Lone Ranger or The Man From UNCLE, this mistake was avoided.  The Magnificent Seven looks like the safest movie in the history of movies.  Likable cast.  Quips.  Fun.  Bland action.  Yay.  This won’t make mounds of money, but the September release date was a stroke of genius.  Even though Sully is doing very well, it’s now a couple weeks old.  This should breeze to a #1 finish.  And as the production budget was kept to a reasonable Sub $100 Million (via Box Office Mojo), it will no doubt profit.  Take notes, Ben-Hur remake.


Even though this is a boring weekend, the box office should actually do pretty well.  We’re almost into the Awards push.  Just a couple more September weekends to fight through.

1. The Magnificent Seven – $45 Million

2. Storks – $33 Million

3. Sully – $14.5 Million

4. Snowden – $6 Million

5. Blair Witch – $5 Million

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