2016 WWE Clash of Champions Predictions


Didn’t we just have a PPV?

Yes. But it was SmackDown’s  PPV. This one belongs to RAW, so they are two completely different and separate events.

WWE has been doing a good job so far of keeping the two brands at different sides of the room, and there has been little-to-no-conflict save for the debacle that was Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton. There is always the occasional jab by the GM’s of each show, but not enough to cross the line.

Tonight’s event, Clash of Champions sounds familiar as this was one of WCW’s old special shows held on TBS or TNT back in the 90’s. It was a supercard which featured more championship matches and specialty feuds. All of the RAW-branded titles are on the line. Here we go:

Pre-Show: Nia Jax vs. Alicia Fox

Anyone expecting Fox to win needs to go to a doctor. Gastroenterologist, neurologist, whatever. Fox will put up the best fight yet, despite Jax beating up all jobbers up until this point. Her win against Sin Cara was faster than some of the nameless victims.

What? That was Braun Strowman? Oops.

Fox will get some offense in, it’ll look like she might deliver a loss, but ultimately the fork and knife will come out, Jax will devour any remote thought of Fox winning, and life will go on.

Two matches on the main show which do not feature championships are Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho and Sheamus vs. Cesaro to cap off the final match of their best-of-seven series. Zayn vs Jericho will deliver some great spots, and I have to say, Jericho may have initially struggled when first returning, but certainly has hit his stride, right, and both matches and mic promos have been reminiscent of his earlier days as an antagonist. My call is Sami Zayn for the win but the feud won’t end there. Cesaro will win the series. Weird I go that way, right? There’s no way WWE would let Cesaro make “the ultimate comeback” and take the whole thing. But he will, because Cesaro vs. Owens for the RAW championship would be awesome.


WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Brian Kendrick vs. T.J. Perkins

The cruiserweights come to RAW and the storylines and drama come to the cruiserweights. In a WWE.com exclusive, Perkins talks about being proud to be the first of a new line of Cruiserweights, and is interrupted by Kendrick. Perkins offers the handshake, which Kendrick declines with “enjoy it while it lasts.” So, the drama begins, and Perkins better improve his mic skills fast. I call for T.J. Perkins to win, as Kendrick is great, but there is no way the winner of the tournament is going to be scripted to drop the title so fast. Give it another few months.


WWE United States Championship: Roman Reigns vs. Rusev

Win goes to Rusev. I’m calling it now. Reigns winning the title almost seems anti-climactic. He had a run for it before, and came up short, there doesn’t make much sense in putting the title on Reigns when WWE has the ability to beef up Rusev and Reigns for a much bigger confrontation. Reigns will come close, but I call shenanigans, and Rusev will keep the title via DQ or count out.


WWE Tag Team Championships: Gallows/Anderson vs. The New Day

This one will have us on the edge of our seats, because it will look like the New Day will lose over and over, but somehow The New Day will pull off the win. I have a bad feeling I am wrong about this, but if this match happens one more time, then the next one will be the big win for Gallows and Anderson. Tonight I expect it to be a close call.


WWE Women’s Championship: Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte


Well, Charlotte likely wasn’t supposed to have the title, only due to Banks needing time off for injury, which in hindsight did  not seem as though she was out of action for that long. Bayley becoming contender seems a bit rushed, but given her popularity spilling over from NXT to the main roster, I am not surprised she is getting a shot. This triple threat will be great, but my pick is for Sasha Banks to regain  the title.


RAW Universal Championship: Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens

It is a tough call to say which will be, “match of the night.” We know this title match will be fantastic, but we know the cruiserweight title bout will hopefully not get watered down, and the women’s title match will have the live crowd jumping out of their seats. Rollins and Owens will be deserving of the main event spot, but it will be too soon for Owens to somehow lose the title. I will say, this match ends with Kevin Owens retaining, but it will not be clean.