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Monday Night RAW Rematches


RAW kicks off with a rematch from last night, with similar results, as Roman Reigns retains the United States Championship against Rusev due to a Double Count-Out. This match was just as good as their last encounter. I have to say, Reigns has improved a lot, and was able to take a lot of hits during the match. Even the live crowd appeared to appreciate Reigns here. Some spots were repeated last night, but not diminished in the slightest. The double count-out finish was a bit disappointing, however it led to a chair coming into play post-match.

Mick Foley heads to the ring to discuss the finals of the Best of Seven between Sheamus and Cesaro. After a debate of “who is tougher” and fighting words being thrown, Mick Foley says he will grant them both a championship opportunity. They both can team together to challenge the RAW Tag Team Championships. Cesaro and Sheamus do not like this idea.

They will face the winners of the second rematch from Clash of Champions, Gallows and Anderson vs. The New Day. I was sweating. No opening promo from New Day, match breaks down into a brawl fast, Kofi winds up a bloody mess. I mean, a freakin’ bloody mess. After a number of near falls, and a really close two-count following the Magic Killer, the bakers of Booty-O’s rally back, with Kofi hitting Trouble in Paradise on Anderson for the pinfall victory and New Day now surpass 400 days as Tag Team Champions.

The RAW women’s division, featuring more jobbers than actual “superstars.” Bayley makes short work of Anna Fields. Post match interview in the ring has Bayley promising her fans she will keep fighting until she is champ.

Backstage: Cesaro and Sheamus are arguing. Foley bursts in and cuts a promo I believe might have not been scripted. He talked about both being two of the best on the roster, for years of being under-appreciated and having the potential to be top of the ladder. Foley even sounded as though he was going to cry. Wow.

Backstage: Foley confronts Stephanie about last night, and the footage of her leaving with Triple H. Besides a wife leaving in the same car as her husband. Steph loses her mind and just verbally destroys Foley. Man, that was hard to watch.

Apparently, Lince Dorado now resides in Camden, New Jersey. He teams with Drew Gulak tonight against Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann. Good lord, fast paced, and Dorado is nearly shattered by Alexander’s Lumbar Check. Gulak hits some sick moves, but Swann hits a massive superkick, followed by a rollup flip. Short match, but man, wow. Alexander and Swann make a solid team.

Willis Williams and Nick Cutler are the designated fodder for Cesaro and Sheamus. Poor jobbers.

Charlotte comes to the ring with Dana Brooke, gloating about her victory last night. She puts down Bayley and Sasha Banks, the latter of whom interrupts. Banks and Charlotte have a war of words, and Charlotte eventually agrees to granting a one-on-one rematch for the championship. Charlotte was good on the mic tonight, really getting that heel heat. The rematch, may take place next week.

Backstage: TJ Perkins enjoys his run as Cruiserweight Champion, but Brian Kendrick once again rains tears on the parade. Perkins needs to step up his mic work.

TJ Perkins hits the ring with his Mega Man approved entrance. Not joking.

See, would I lie to you?

Xavier Woods probably orgasamed to the 8-Bit holiness.

This might be the greatest intro theme since Bobby Roode’s “Glorious” theme. I love it. I love it. MAX HEALTH indeed. His opponent, one of my favorites during the CWC, is Tony Nese. He doesn’t look like a cruiserweight, but damn, the big guy can move like one. Nese flies over the ropes with a twisting revolving shooting star corkscrew something something. Someone get Perkins an E-Tank. Nese hit Perkins with some big moves, but Perkins rallied back and forced  tap out victory via Knee Bar. I’ll call it the Mega Buster Lock.

Uh… Why was there a CM Punk chant during this match?

Nice promo package for Pedro Morales, as part of Hispanic Heritage Month.

We are given the Gift of Jericho in the form of a Highlight Reel. Jericho demands quiet and puts us all on the list. The List of Jericho. WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens is his guest. They have some fun on the mic, until Seth Rollins attempts to crash, but is stopped by Indy Security, Fit Finlay and Mick Foley. While Rollins is escorted away, Enzo Amore and Big Cass arrive, and are quickly added to the list. Apparently Jericho misspelled Enzo. They compare Jericho to Santa, to which Y2J threatens to “sit on your lap!” Owen’s face is priceless. He just has this dejected look on his face. Jericho tries to backtrack, but fails. Cass informs them Mick Foley just ordered Enzo and Cass to face Jericho and Owens for the main event tonight.

Very good main event. Jericho and Owens work so well together, Owens is hysterical. Great back and forth action, non-stop. End comes after Owens clotheslines Enzo into a 360 splat, followed by a nasty powerbomb for the win.

Michael Dworkis
Michael Dworkis
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