Review: Micronauts Revolution #1

Written by Michael S. Dworkis

The unification of IDW and Hasbro’s universe is bizarre, and the Micronauts: Revolution one-shot is the most bizarre yet. While I am not as well-versed in Micronauts as some of the other properties, the issue did give me the opportunity to understand how Micronauts will fit into this universe. I will likely need to go back and read the Micronauts series which began a few months ago, but they are following the original story. Their homeworld needs saving, and Baron Karza, the big bad, has his own twisted way of doing it.


I will admit, I had a hard time following events in this issue, but as I said earlier, this might be from the main series. We get a moment of time travel which sends out explorers into the future, or so it seems, and we learn about who they descended from.

This is where it gets really weird.

The Micronauts, and Baron Karza seem to meet in the middle, at a disturbing revelation during their adventure.


I have to spoil the ending, otherwise the column is over.

The final page shows a robot named… Micronus Prime.

Yep. A Transformer. This is a brick to the skull moment of

“This is how we merge Micronauts into this universe… by forcibly making them relatives of Transformers!”

At first, my eyes bugged, and I said out loud, “Whoa.” Normally, a good thing. On second read though it was more like “…Huh. Oh.” It just felt weird. Overall the issue was good. I understood the mission, understood the characters and who they are, and then this really weird event happens, like Lost in Space style where things just go wonky and here we are.

I have faith this will flow more smoothly as Revolution moves on, but it looks like we have some bumps to iron out.