Bullets, Bodies & A Matrix Reunion: The John Wick Chapter 2 Panel Recap

Written by Ryan DeMarco

John Wick 2 Poster

John Wick: Chapter 2 Panel Recap

Combined with the Power Rangers panel, audiences minds were blown when the cast and crew of John Wick came to stage. The panelists included director Chad Stahleski, writer Derek Kolstad, Ian Mcshane, Common, and Keanu Reeves.

The crowd was shown a sizzle reel and first look at the teaser trailer which resulted in a roaring standing ovation that demanded the trailer to be played twice.

Reeves gave a lively presence explaining what it was like to see the audience adore the first film, which was an ultra-violent surprise hit back in 2014, “It felt incredible to step back in the suit and get back to the action, the passion, and have this man fighting to be free.”

The film takes place just four days after the first film, according to Kolstad, and John Wick is not any closer to retiring. Now that he’s back in business he is send to Rome where he encounters a group called the High Table that revolve around an artifact known as the artifact. Plus we’ll be treated to a higher body count this time around, “I think John kills at least 80 Italians,” jokes director Stahleski.

A number of people are joining the cast this time around, namely a big antagonist of the film, Common, who is out to make John Wick dead. ” We sort of at a disagreement,” said Reeves, “Its like an assassin love story,” Common concluded, ” this was the highest level of fighting and gungfu I’ve ever had to do.”

Besides Common, Lawrence Fishburne has joined the cast as well, marking the fourth film together with Keanu, the first since 2003. This is significant to fans since it marks a mini Matrix reunion. Fishbourne has a small cameo towards the end of the trailer.

John Wick: Chapter 2 hits theaters February 10,  2017