Review: Supergirl #2

Written by Mark Henely


The writers of Supergirl have a lot of reconciling to do. They have to take the complicated continuity of Supergirl since her reboot at the beginning of the New 52 and reconcile it with the status quo of the Supergirl TV show on CBS. Fans from the comics need to know that the character that they have been following for the past 5 years is still the same, but viewers from the hit TV show need to be able to pick up this comic and have it be something that they recognize. So, in shorty, writer, Stever Orlando, must honor all of the character development that Kara has undergone in the comics while also having her work as a intern under Cat Grant just as she does on TV.

This isn’t easy to do and the comic book almost feels like it is running on two different tracks.One track is the New 52-esque storyline where Supergirl finds out the Cyborg Superman is actually her Dad and the second track is the CBS-esque story where she is a timid intern at Cat Grant’s firm.


Personally, I strongly prefer the story about Supergirl’s cyborg Dad. But, how can I not? How could a Supergirl stars in “A Devil Wears Prada” compare with freaking Cyborg Superman? Cyborg Superman is one of the coolest looking villains in this, a visual medium, and the fact that there is a personal issue between Cyborg Superman and Supergirl makes this story really pop. On the other hand, I don’t really understand why Supergirl wants or needs an internship.

The art in this comic is also very interesting. The artist draws all of his characters to look very wiry, which works for Supergirl in a way that it wouldn’t work for Superman. DC seems uncomfortable with making Supergirl broad shouldered and muscular, so I think, if they aren’t going to go in that direction, then this wiry direction works for me.

Rating: 7/10

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