TV Recap: The Goldbergs, ‘George! George Glass!/Crazy Calls’

Season 4 The Goldbergs

Last week on The Goldbergs, Adam (Sean Giambrone) was reintroduced to Waffle Girl, a throwback to Season 1. He tries to appeal to her by bringing up a fake girlfriend based on The Brady Brunch episode regarding Jan’s fake boyfriend George Glass. Erica (Hayley Orrantia) tells Adam it is a stupid idea but then steals it to make Geoff (Sam Lerner) believe that she’s over him. He eventually calls her out on it, but Adam ends up coming to his sister’s aid.

On the other side of things, Barry (Troy Gentile) wants to go to Live Aid due to a ton of bands being there (which he lists in comedic fashion) so he asks for the car but Murray (Jeff Garlin) won’t budge. However, Beverly (Wendi McLendon-Covey) pushes Murray to take her to a Beach Boy concert, which is surprisingly part of Live Aid. Murray ends up getting into a fight over a parking space which leads Beverly to call him out because he only thinks of himself. It really turns a series of comedic moments into a hard hitting one, and it feels effortless.

All in all, “George! George Glass!” was a fun episode and had a nice emotional touch. Another solid addition to season 4.

Rating: 8.5/10


In the most recent Goldbergs, Adam seems to be having trouble fitting in with a group of kids at lunch. His mom of course intervenes, bribing jocks to have her son be able to sit with them. The youngest Goldberg finds this out, and warns his mom to keep her distance. He ends up being most comfortable with the computer geeks, and they are allowed to have lunch in the lab, so Adam begins to hang out there. Guidance counselor Mr. Glascott (Tim Meadows) tells Mama Goldberg about Adam’s new place but states it may not be the best for him in the long run, so she sabotages his new chill space by putting cheese in a floppy disk drive. Adam puts this accident together with his mom being the culprit and lashes out at her, which in turn has Beverly find a way to clear Adam’s name.

Meanwhile, Murray gets an answering machine and uses it to basically have a “voicemail” battle with his dad (Judd Hirsch). It’s an okay storyline that has its moments thanks to Barry and Erica trying to reel their dad back in, but it’s lacking when compared to Adam and Beverly’s tug of war. That being said, the episode was only really successful because of the school saga. Oh well.


Rating: 7/10

The Goldbergs air every Wednesday night at 8:00 pm on ABC