Box Office Predictions: Will The Accountant Cash in This Weekend?


Notable Openings This Weekend: The AccountantKevin Hart: What Nowkevin_hart_what_now?Max Steel

Everyone get out of the way.  Ben Affleck is in town.  Now the Fall Movie season is in full swing.  I feel like I’ve already seen Ben Affleck in twenty Batman movies, when in reality it’s only been one and one eighth.  He’s been promoting Batman for so damn long already.  While my life usually boils down to Batman, that’s not what this weekend is about.  Affleck actually stars in a non Batman role this weekend.  The Accountant has been marketed hard.  We’ll see if it pays off.  We also got Kevin Hart in his 900th film, and some kid’s movie that might be out of theaters by the time you finish this sentence.  Box Office Predictions?  It’s time.


The Accountant was one of my most anticipated movies of the Fall.  Right now, it sits in that 50-55% Rotten Tomatoe range.  I LOVE that range.  That means it’s a movie that more than likely took chances.  We’ll see how it pays off.  As far as the box office goes, I’m expecting big numbers.  It’s got a big time friendly cast.  Let’s also not forget that Gone Girl performed pretty damn well, another Affleck led project.  That opened at just over $37 Million.  It won’t reach that level, but the heavy marketing push and well cut trailers will be rewarded.  This breezes to the #1 spot.

I’m just going to say it.  I have Kevin Hart fatigue.  Much like Zach Galifianakis, he’s already over exposed.  This is one of his stand up movies, but also a parody of James Bond?  I don’t know.  It looks completely forgettable.  I guess if you’re a die hard Hart fan, you’ll enjoy it.  He has enough juice right now that this should do well relative to its minuscule budget, but that’s it.  I’d like to see Hart spread his wings in something different, but right now his schick is still viable.  We have a few more movies to go before the masses come to my side of the aisle and tire of him.


Max Steel.  Yeah.  As I write this (Friday afternoon), there is still no posted review on Rotten Tomatoes.  I’m sure that will change by the time you read this, but that’s still incredible.  This was dumped.  Nobody cares.  It will be the last time someone mentions Max Steel in a conversation.


The Accountant is going to threaten $30 Million.  On a $44 Million production budget (via Box Office Mojo), that’s not too shabby.  Hopefully this is the last time I have to type out Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children.

1. The Accountant – $28 Million

2. Kevin Hart: What Now? – $14 Million

3. The Girl on the Train – $11.5 Million

4. Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children – $8 Million

5. Deepwater Horizon– $5.5 Million

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