Aliens Life and Death #2

Written by M.J. Rawls


If you seen any war movie, there’s a familiar diatribe or speech that happens before the big battle.

“This is a perilous mission, some of you might not make it back!”

The beginning of issue two starts off in that manner as the soldiers discover that two of their own may be still alive on the xenomorph planet. From there, there are two perspectives that we get to see – one of those who are going in on the rescue (maybe suicide) mission and another of an insidious meeting to possibly harness the xenomorphs into some type of biological weapon.

Writer Dan Abnett does a good job on doing a balancing act of touching all the moving parts in this war, even briefly going back to the planet and seeing the survivors and an unexpected ally. Most of the use of colors are vibrant and bright, but especially with the meeting and the very last frame, both Art Moritat and Rain Beredo use darker colors to indicate dread or that something is not right.

For the most part, issue two is putting all the chess pieces in place, but what will be interesting to see if how each of them find a resolution because there are many different characters with many different motives.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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