Review: Trinity #2

Written by: Mark Henely


It’s interesting that Trinity, the DC ongoing comic book series that stars their three biggest stars, is =totally weird. This issue features Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman interacting with a young Clark Kent and Jonathan Kent in what what is either the past or an alternative universe. And, while this dissonance makes the story hard to follow initially, once your get into the groove as a reader, there is a lot to like about this comic.

The relationship between Superman and his father, Jonathan Kent, is explored in a very sweet way and it is interesting that it takes this bizarre turn of events to produce something great. There is a monologue by Superman towards the end of the comic that even made me tear up a little.

The relationship between the three continues to be a high point of this comic. This is a pre-New 52 Superman interacting with a post New 52 Batman and Wonder Woman. They don’t know this Superman like they know each other and it brings Batman and Wonder Woman close together in a way that is really surprising. There is an interesting scene where the two are comparing notes with each other over what to do with this Superman that shows how close they are without having to state it overtly.

Rating: 8.5 of 10

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