A Bad Paul Heyman Promo Typifies This Week’s Monday Night RAW


Even Babe Ruth strikes out every once in a while.

Last night Paul Heyman’s shockingly ineffective in-ring promo typified last night’s episode of Monday Night RAW. It was trying to accomplish so much, but instead it bored the crowd, and the audience at home.

Listen, Paul Heyman has been a golden god on the microphone for the better part of four years. He’s been utterly brilliant. He’s taken the proverbial chickenshit and turned it not into chicken salad, but the most delicious chicken salad you’ve ever had in your life.

Last night, WWE sent Heyman out there to stir the pro-Goldberg sentiment…in Brock Lesnar’s backyard. He kept trying to get people to chant Goldberg’s name, and pretend that the crowd’s tepid Goldberg chants were getting his and Brock’s skin.

This move was about as effective as asking Bruce Springsteen to cut an anti-Donald Trump promo at a concert in New Jersey in order to get the crowd to boo him, and make Trump the babyface. It just wasn’t going to happen.

And Brock? Well, he has the best job ever. For one night, he got paid more than most of us do in a year, and stood in the ring soaking up his cheers. He said nothing. He did nothing. It’s good to be Brock.

This promo killed the crowd. You could see this during the main event, which started at nearly 11 p.m., and had absolutely ZERO heat. Jericho, Owens and Rollins did everything they could to make that match count, but it seemed like nobody cared. And that’s a shame because it was a solid match, but honestly it was just solid.

Most everything about RAW last night was just okay.

Sami Zayn gets pummeled by Braun Strowman? Who did Sami piss off?

Brian Kendrick asks TJ Perkins to lose to him intentionally? WHAT IS THAT??

Bo Dallas is a monster? Stop it.

Karl Anderson loses again? He’s so much better than this.

Brian Kendrick loses, despite having a PPV match? No logic.

However, there were some bright spots.

The New Day versus Cesaro/Sheamus match was a tremendous amount of fun, from an in-ring standpoint. All five of these guys worked their booties off for a good match. I’m intrigued by the rematch.

Enzo cutting a promo without his microphone, was AWESOME. This guy is super over. Take note WWE.

Rich Swann is OVER BROTHA. That’s right, “Mr. All Night Long” got some serious love from the Midwest crowd last night. In fact, he might be the most over guy in the division. It’s time to let Swann show more of his personality, and we develop the first star of the Cruiserweight Division. Hell, let one of your big stars give him the rub — it can only help!

The moment of the night, was undoubtedly the Women’s Title Hell in a Cell contract signing. Charlotte and Sasha were effective with their promos, but it was Mick Foley who stole the show. His impassioned promo about the consequences of working this kind of match, and how it has hindered his ability to walk was one of his best promos ever. Given the fact Foley is a huge advocate of the women’s division, and that he has given a similar promo to the men (Rollins v Ambrose) recently, this promo wasn’t some sort of “girls don’t get hurt” speech, but a “realize what you’re getting into” speech. Loved every second of it. And it was easily the best part of RAW.

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