Review: American Horror Story: Roanoke ‘Chapter 7’


So after a confusing, yet original, twist in last week’s episode when we are brought into reality to see the re-enactors and “real life” people come together to film a very ill-advised sequel to their “smash hit” My Roanoke Nightmare. While the premise is fishy, (I mean come on was My Roanoke Nightmare really that much of a smash hit, I mean seriously has no one seen A Haunting in that reality?) it still draws upon a sense of reality since money talks, but the thing is in the AHS universe, ghosts can too…

After the vicious killing of Rory (the reason I still watch this show Evan Peters), and the tension heating up between the realsies and the fakies, hey we all have a way to organize a show to keep up, it feels like this show is just going to be a massacre from here on out- and well safe to say I was right.

So many deaths happen in this show it feels like this season of American Horror Story is parodying itself. Yes we were warned last week everyone would die except one in this season, but it feels so rushed in a way where I’m unsure how they will keep going for a few more episodes.

I’m also unsure about how the hell this was aired if everyone died? Ghosts must have amazing production team.

While the episode does feel rushed in this department, completely rushing the plot, shoving the “real” versions of the villains we saw in the show creating a way too confusing element to the episode, and giving us way too many nods to past horror films, two characters truly save this episode from being an utter headache. This honor is of course bestowed upon the amazing Kathy Bates and the comeback kid himself Cuba Gooding Jr.

Photo Credit: FX
Photo Credit: FX

When Gooding came on the screen in the first episode I laughed and waited for him to scream “show me the money,” but I’ve been surprised since his turn in American Crime Story, the man truly has had a really really good year. Gooding is truly the definition of a comeback kid, and is an terrific addition to the cast playing the “villain” of the show aka basically this shows version of “The Situation.”

While he’s no Jessica Lange, he’s still enough to keep things interesting and I actually like him more than the ghosts of the show…well that is until Peters comes back and steals every scene (sorry Gooding).

Bates is also back to playing to her strengths, strongly being reminiscent of her Misery days and making my heart bleed for her while also wishing she was dead. I feel her character may be overstaying her welcome, but by the end of this episode I’m not sure how we will be seeing her again.

Everyone dies is essentially the theme of this season, yet is lacking the emotional connection we achieved in the first season of this anthology masterpiece. So far no ghosts we have come to know have come back to give warnings or help in the mayhem, only for unknowns to be walking around in their re-enacting parts which slightly bores and angers me. AHS is known for having too many character developments, but this is just ridiculous…which leads to a real question…

Is this season just one big parody of the show we have come to love?

It feels it lacks the seriousness that every season prior to it had, which at first seemed like a breath of fresh air but has turned stale and rotten just as quick as it came. I want to like this season, and I feel I may with another episode or two…but that shouldn’t be the case when it comes to a show being made by someone so talented as Mr.Murphy is. However, if the show is a parody of itself and that was the purpose this whole season then well done. That is truly something new, and while it may piss some people off I would call it for what it is…genius.

Murphy has been doing this for a long time, and he needed to do something new and that is this. It may be confusing, it may not be everyones cup of tea, but if it is going in the direction I see it going, which is the only way to truly save itself, then kudos to everyone involved. However as of now, this show has just become confusing, bloody, repetitive, and all in all not that entertaining.

Rating: 5/10  

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