Phantogram Creates Stunning Moody, Electro Atmosphere in Philadelphia


Pop-Break Live: Phantogram at The Fillmore in Philadelphia

It’s fairly safe to say that Phantogram, which is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Josh Carter and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Sarah Barthel, is one of the hottest bands in the world right now.

After coming off a terrific supergroup pairing with Outkast’s Big Boi (known as Big Grams), the duo dropped their third record, aptly titled Three, in 2016, and have lit the radio on fire with a slew of insanely good singles. “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” is the banger off this record as it blends electro beats with Barthel’s intoxicating vocals.

On Monday October 24, Phantogram took over the Fillmore in Philadelphia for a barnburner of a show. The New York-based band performed their first four songs behind a semi-transparent screen which gave the show some cool, and stunning visuals as different projections blasted onto the screen as the band performed. The moody, electro atmosphere tone of the show was set for that evening, and the audience was entranced by Barthel and Carter’s catalog of excellent tracks.

Pop-Break’s Cathy Poulton caught the band in action.

Phantogram Setlist:

Funeral Pyre
Black Out Days
Don’t Move
Turning Into Stone
You’re Mine
Same Old Blues
Mouthful of Diamonds
Howling at the Moon
Futuristic Casket
When I’m Small

Barking Dog
Cruel World
Fall in Love
You Don’t Get Me High Anymore

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