Review: IDW Revolution #2

By: Michael S. Dworkis

revolution02_cvraThe battle continues. While Scarlett from G.I. Joe turns to an unlikely source for help, Optimus Prime and Soundwave pursue ROM the Space Knight following the shocking and tragic event from last issue.

This issue incorporates MASK into the Revolution nicely, as the previous story featuring Major Miles Manheim, or “Major Mayhem” and his work putting a team together to use Cybertronian technology against the large alien robots fit in with Scarlett going to them as the last resort. While Scarlett seems hesitant and cautious to implement Manheim’s protocol, the story paints her with her back against the wall with little recourse.

While this takes place, Kup and Alieron find out what is going on with Ore 13 and its effects throughout the universe. They are ambushed by Manheim’s MASK force. More fighting.

This issue has more plot, and more of each main character appearing to play the antagonist in various forms. It is obvious from the conflicted dialogue of the MASK team and the doubts from Scarlett, that Manheim will be outed as villain at some point.

The Transformers do seem to be in the middle as most of the motivation for the formation of MASK and the knowledge of Ore-13. GI Joe is next in line as the world’s military force to stop everyone. Lastly, we are then introduced to Baron Karza of Micropsace, as directly spinning out of their one-shot. Some elements appear repetitive if you have read the one-shots or even the most recent issue of the ongoing Micronauts and ROM series.

Again, not a lot more has been given to us, just a gradual merging and incorporation of all these 80’s properties into one spanning universe.