Review: IDW Revolution #3

By: Michael S. Dworkis

Finally! Action! Better dialogue! It’s starting to make sense!

revolution03_cvra-mockonlyMicronus Prime?! Who is he? What is he? Why is he? Coincidentally, Micronus Prime has been previously introduced in the current animated Transformers Robots in Disguise series as a Prime of Minicons, which was something originally introduced back in 2003 with the series Armada, except the character wasn’t fully developed or revealed until some years later when IDW and Simon Furman began reconstructing the lore of what became known as “The Thirteen” or “The Original 13” referring to the first 13 Primes, the first 13 Transformers created by Primus, the God of Planet Cybertron.

This brings the Micronauts fully crashing into our universe, as their universe, Microspace is dying, and Baron Karza, someone who can’t be trusted at all, is actually playing the role of hero, but of course, in his own twisted definition. He seems to have a direct link and vast knowledge of the Cybertronian Artifact, Ore 13, and is working with his agents to obtain it in order to save his world.

While this is happening, Kup is abducted by MASK, of whom some members begin to question the morality of their mission. Scarlett too begins to wonder if… here it comes… There is More Than Meets the Eye. Optimus, Soundwave, and ROM have the discussion about the Dire Wraiths, while Doc informs Scarlett the bodies of the fallen GI Joes… SPOILER ALERT… Are not human.

The puzzle pieces fall into place very quickly, which by this point is a good thing. After two issues of “Hey! Let’s Fight!” we are finally seeing all sides begin to come to an understanding, and more importantly, a meaning as to why these different beings are coming together.

It would be a bit too obvious if Karza is working directly with Manheim. In both the Micronauts and MASK one-shots, both villains reveal and portray themselves to be the saviors of the species, and using the cliché “bearing all the burden” and “making sacrifices” to justify the even further cliché of achieving goals “by any means necessary.”

My guess will be Dr. X from Action Man, since this is the only title remaining in this merging of worlds.

I enjoyed this issue the most out of everything published so far. Improvement in pacing, storytelling, and better use of all characters involved.

Favorite part is Scarlett texting, and the response of “Who do I get to kill?”

Yes, we do see who that is on the final page. Glorious.