Review: Transformers #57

By: Michael S. Dworkis

tf_rid57_cvr-mockonlyThis was a strange one. But, readers do get to see some combining titles of sorts, as obvious GI Joe characters make their appearance during a fight scene.


Get it?

A short moment of victory comes with GB Blackrock resurfacing, however Sentinel regains control and uses his power to retain the advantage.If you bought the Titans Return toys, Alpha Trion’s titanmaster is named Sovereign, however in the comic, it appears the titanmaster is an independent being, and Alpha Trion, head and all, is still one and the same.

We are back to Livio’s standard grim and “dirty” artwork. I call it that because everything looks dusty and worn. Perhaps it is accurate given the duration of the Transformer’s war (over four-million years!!). During the issue we get a lot of information. We find out how the Titan Masters came to be and how of course, as we are told in all Transformer-related issues, “something big and bad is coming.”

Prime and Soundwave, despite differences, continue to uphold a united front. Infinitus/Sentinelcontinues his extreme rhetoric, given our current political state, hits very close to home.

Story is good, bit choppy at times, but also fills its role of bringing the Transformers even closer into Revolution. In case you were wondering how Blitzwing winds up as a captive, you’ll see it right here. The incorporation of GI Joe and the fading of the Earth Defense Command is a clear tie-in to Revolution. The Transformers One-shot is near, which will continue to bridge Titans Return to Revolution.