Rant-A-Mania: Titanic got nothing on TNA


The Cubs won the World Series, and in slick WWE fashion, sent the team a replica WWE Championship belt, which is now being seen everywhere. It goes to show what an icon a WWE belt has always been. Whether one is a fan of wrestling or not, deep down, everyone wants to be WWE Champion.

Tim Wiese, known as the Munich Machine, teamed with Cesaro and Sheamus at a live event in Germany, defeating Bo Dallas and The Shining Stars. He has an impressive physique, likely with some training he will be a future NXT star.

The Undertaker is advertised on WWE.com to appear on the upcoming 900th episode of SmackDown.

The Goldberg/Lesnar rematch we may or may not have wanted is going to happen at Survivor Series. I’m interested to see if it is either a Bloodbath, Rest-Hold-Fest, or a shockingly decent match.

Seeing Rollins and Roman Reigns together at the end of RAW was a bit odd. There was a time I wouldn’t mind seeing a Shield reunion, but now… I think it’s been long, but not long enough. Reigns still gets a lot of hate from live crowds, but then again, wrestling fans to have short memories.

What might be considered big wrestling news, ongoing, is the legal battle between TNA/Impact and Billy Corgan. Following an article by the New York Post, Corgan has taken his case public, via Twitter, because that’s what one does to get their side of the story out. Following the article, Corgan has refuted many of the alleged facts, stating he is owed money by Dixie Carter. We now know Anthem Sports and Entertainment is a business partner and/or possible creditor to the company, which added up to Corgan losing his part of the wrestling company. Last reported, Corgan has threaten to sell his stock, or try to continue the fight in court to regain control of the company.

I’m just going to throw a curve ball here. TNA… Impact Wrestling, The Broken Matt Show, this company has been unstable for the better part of the past three years, yet somehow managed to remain afloat. The upside, is became home to Damien Sandow, Drew Galloway, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, and Impact Comedy King, Grado. Some great talent had their opportunity to help Impact grow. But the only thing I have since paid much attention to is the ongoing soap opera of Broken Matt and Brother Nero. The “Grand Championship” is a wasted title. Lashley at one point held every title. Sandow, now known as Aron Rex won it, only to lose it a short time later, but it actually hasn’t happened yet because it was taped for a show to air on 11/24. Let’s face it, inconsistent booking made keeping track difficult.

TNA owes Corgan money. Simple as that. A lot of money. Corgan has yet to have any of his money repaid, while Fight Network/Anthem Sports claims to have stepped in to give Impact a helping hand to prevent bankruptcy, hasn’t begun making repayments to Corgan either, only outing him from the company. He owns 36% of the company, while not a majority owner, still good part of it.

With all this going on, why would Corgan want to stick with the company? From 2010 to the present, they have hopped from one network to the next, lost a number of their top stars, such as Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Eric Young, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, and the list goes on. Why is Corgan trying to desperately cling to what might be considered the slowest sinking ship in wrestling history. Even WCW sank faster.

I’m not sure what is going to happen next. Who knows, maybe this is all some elaborate work.