Review: Supergirl #3

Written by Andrew Fontana


Supergirl 3 continues Steve Orlando’s winning streak of effective characterization and winning humor. In this issue we get to see Argo City in all its creepily remade glory, plus an army of zombified mecha-kryptonians. All this is replete with some family drama that helps demarcate this book from its fellow super siblings.


Last issue left us with Kara realizing the truth about Cyborg Superman. As can be expected of dubiously helpful robots, her dad’s intentions are not what they had seemed. I’ve seen the cyborg army needing to harvest humans plot a little to much to be completely onboard with Orlando’s direction, but deciding to package it as a conflict between father and daughter gives this creative decision an effective emotional resonance.

Bernard Ching’s art is a perfect fit for this book. Ching excels at capturing the pulpsci-fi elements that have always been in the background of the Superman family. Argo City is wonderfully rendered, as is Supergirl’s flight through the solar system. Unfortunately, Ching’s pencils lack detail when figures are seen from a distance. Atiyeh’s colors compliment Ching’s artwork, making each scene crackle with energy, especially the flashbacks to Krypton. Taken together, the artwork is effective in conveying the conflict between Cyborg Superman and Supergirl.

Rating: 7.5

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