Sasha Banks Is the Face that Raw Deserves

Written by M.J. Rawls


We are only a couple of hours away from the Survivor Series pay-per-view – admittedly, omitting a couple of matches, we are in for some “fantasy warfare” that will not further too many storylines. Within that, the teams are set with the top super stars from each brand and you get a feel to see how they stack up. Over on the Smackdown side, you have the fiery champion Becky Lynch, her capable rival Alexa Bliss, with a dash of Nikki Bella, Carmella and Naomi gearing up in the background.

Raw…well, it’s a mess. The booking choices have elevated Charlotte and not really anyone else including who should be one of Raw’s top babyfaces, Sasha Banks.

Let’s look at the Raw women’s roster in respect to title reigns:

Charlotte has held the new women’s championship three times including her current run. Wins happened at Wrestlemania 32Summerslam, and Hell In A Cell. (Two of the biggest shows in WWE)

Sasha has had two title reigns, with both wins on Raw.  Yup, on free TV.

The concept of building a “monster” heel is that after the long title reign, when the face wins, it should be a huge event (see Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 30).  Charlotte is no doubt extremely talented and injury issues aside, the fact that Sasha Banks not only won on Raw, but could not win the first woman’s hell in a cell match in her hometown.

The rumor is that Charlotte is going to face Bayley at Wrestlemania 33 and I have mixed emotions about it. On one hand, this is a great opportunity for Bayley, but she has been poorly booked as of late. The “underdog from NXT” schick will only work for so long until fans permanently make that synonymous with her character.  That did not work for Roman Reigns during that “give him the title, taketh away” period now, did it?

On the other hand, Charlotte is talented enough to get back into the title picture, but go back and watch the Iron Lady match between Bayley and Sasha at NXT Takeover: Respect. This could be your modern-day Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels – especially on that main stage in Orlando. As Charlotte continues to roll through challengers with ease, the time is ticking on making a formidable foe that fans can buy into. Sasha Banks is that triumphant face that we deserve – if you believe in the women’s revolution in wrestling, you’d believe that too.

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