TV Recap: The Double Dare Reunion Special

Double Dare Reunion

30 years ago, Nickelodeon gave us Double Dare, a game show in which two teams had to compete for a win. Pretty standard, except the program had not only a question portion, but a race against time involving obstacles and physical challenges. The latter had two members of the same team popping balloons, or eating pies, or throwing items into buckets on top of each other’s heads.

The “end of the episode” course had contestants reaching into large noses, sliding down slides laced with whipped cream, and becoming a human hamster in a massive wheel, all while trying to grab flags while the clock ran down.

Hosted by the charming Marc Summers, the show ran for 7 years, and was beloved entry in the Nickelodeon entry. It was so popular, it had a brief return in 2000. This past Wednesday, Marc and the gang returned for the 30 year anniversary, which had cast members of All That participate in a brief version of the hit show. Set in a nightclub (great idea), Double Dare was revisited, both in a updated and highlight format.

It was a fun journey down memory lane, and it was cool to see a brand new edition of the game. The montages of old school Double Dare stuff was a treat, but it felt way too quick. I would’ve liked to have seen more of the show’s early days, possibly even stretched out to an hour. However, the fact that we even got a small tribute to the sloppiest of competitions was a nice move for the channel. All in all, a good time.

Rating: 8/10