Review: Action Man: Revolution #1

Written by Michael S. Dworkis

am-rev-cover-659x1000Action Man: Revolution #1 is where a lot of, forgive the pun, action, takes place.

Yes, they make fun of his name. It kicks off with Action Man attempting to rescue Autobot Kup off a tip from Mainframe of G.I. Joe. If you haven’t kept up, Kup has been held hostage by M.A.S.K. Action Man goes into rescue and recon, discovering all things are not as they seem.

We also get another glimpse of doubt from Matt Trakker, following instructions of someone he respected, but with each passing issue, seems to have a more sinister plot in mind.

The humor (or should it be humour?) kicks off with Kup opening making fun of the secret agent’s gimmick, then apparently teaching Miles’ cronies how to spell “Kommand.” Ladies and Gentlemen, not only is M.A.S.K. apparently based off Cybertronian technology, but forego their own knowledge of the English language and spell the last word incorrectly only to fit as a catchy acronym.

Beautiful. The ongoing banter between Kup and Action Man is pretty intelligent and the artwork does a great job of conveying the intensity of the rescue and ensuing battles.

As a one-shot it succeeds on both levels of telling an independent story about Action Man, another property being integrated into this larger IDW/Hasbro universe and furthers the main story arc. As expected, the inclusion of Action Man as the catalyst of discovering Miles Manheim’s true intentions and the link with another deadly foe.