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TV Recap: The Goldbergs, ‘The Greatest Musical Ever’

In the recent episode of The Goldbergs, titled “The Greatest Musical Ever,” Adam’s (Sean Giambrone) love of the theater finally pays off when he gets cast in The Phantom of the Opera , despite the fact that his brother Barry (Troy Gentile) constantly ridicules him over his obsession. However, when it is revealed that Lainey (A.J. Michalka) and Adam will share an on stage kiss, Barry instantly tries to find a way to become a part of the proceedings. When he ends up injuring a teacher in the process, the show shuts down. Adam tries to rally everyone to do a very similar show, but it is no use. He gives Barry a piece of his mind, but, per the norm, the two find a way to patch things up, with Barry realizing that his brother’s new group to hang out isn’t that bad.

Meanwhile, Erica (Hayley Orrantia) tries to get through her last of high school in the easiest way possible. When her mom finds out she’s taking home economics, she intervenes, filling as a substitute teacher of the class. Erica is outraged, but she tries to impress her mom by making a homemade lasagna. When Beverly tries to fail her, Erica says it isn’t possible, as she stole the recipe from her literal home. Mama Goldberg says Erica cheated, so she fails her again.

Erica doesn’t understand why she has to put home economics on a pedestal, but by hearing advice of her father (Jeff Garlin), she realizes how much her mom does for her and the rest of the family, so the Goldberg daughter goes and makes a heartfelt confession to Beverly regarding this information.

The episode closes out with a nice looking family dinner, a moment that we really haven’t seen on this show, at least in quite some time. Despite some entertaining fodder at points, “The Greatest Musical Ever” wasn’t the greatest episode of The Goldbergs ever. Truth be told, it fell very short of getting a standing ovation. Oh well.

Rating: 6/10

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