Review: Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #3

Written by Mark Henely

Now that the title bout has been fought, Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #3 looks to the next half of the crossover. In the fallout of the clash of these two teams, the members have to regroup and work towards the next step.

What readers get is an issue where the two teams get a chance to interact and having charming banter with each other. It’s great to see all of these personalities in one space, playing off of each other and it is exactly what readers want to see in a crossover like this.

One thing that this issue does a good job of is condensing all of the disparate story threads and rebranding them so that they are clear to the readers. It focuses the motives of the League, the Squad, and Maxwell Lord’s team of spoilers. It sets up a team-up to come (the rest of the crossover will really be more of a DC Team-Up book) and clarifies just what Maxwell Lord is doing.

However, I want to surrender the rest of this review to discuss the impact of the end of the previous issue. I feel that this is appropriate, since this is a book that is all about the fallout of the fact that *Spoiler Alert* the Suicide Squad beat the Justice League clean. That’s right, the ultimate losers beat the undisputed champions. When future generations meet to argue which team is best, readers of this comic can reference the fact that the Suicide Squad did, in fact, beat the Justice League.

But, they only did so because of Killer Frost. If Killer Frost is not on the team, does the Suicide Squad still win?

Killer Frost only won because she took Superman’s powers. If Superman wasn’t there, does the Suicide Squad still win? (It would be an ironic truth if the presence of the League’s┬ámost powerful member actually lead to their demise.)

If the Suicide Squad and the Justice League met again, would Superman let himself be used by Killer Frost again? If the two teams fought 100 times, how many times does the Squad win and how many times does the League?

When it all comes down to it, this fight has proven nothing, except that the Squad COULD win. Not that they would always win, but at least once.

And those are better odds than people had previously given them.

Rating 6 out of 10 stars