Review: Nightwing #12

Written by Andrew Fontana

Things are getting ever stranger in the city of Bludhaven. Nightwing has yet to solve the mystery at the heart of the plot, but his team-up with former Rouge’s Gallery members, The Run-Offs, provides enough entertainment to make this issue a solid read. Oh, and anthropomorphic whale women doesn’t hurt, either.

Tim Seeley adds a few wrinkles to the central mystery while leaving enough unknown to keep the reader interested. Interactions between the Run-Offs are a highlight here, with Nightwing struggling to earn the trust of people who up until recently were his punching bags. Seeley captures the distinctness of each member of this sprawling cast well, making the team-up at in the issue’s back half feel more organic.

The art team of To and Sotomayor continue to excel at bringing Bludhaven to life. Sotomayor’s color’s are equally adept at shifting between the bright interiors of buildings and the darkened streets outside. He brings out the details of To’s pencils, even in very dark  exteriors.

To’s pencils are detailed without being overly busy. His Run-Offs are a colorful, motley crew, and he’s no slouch at portraying  more mundane people either. His Orca is especially well-drawn. Sleek and colossal at the same time, he makes the villain a potent threat for Nightwing and crew to take down.

Rating: 8 out of 10