Trailer Tuesday: The Lego Batman Movie

Batman is coming to save the day in a snap.

Written by Logan J. Fowler and Justin Matchick

Lego Batman

Release Date: February 10th, 2017

Starring (the voices of): Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Zach Galifanakis, Billy Dee Williams, Jenny Slate, Ralph Fiennes, Rosario Dawson, Mariah Carey

Director: Chris McKay (Robot Chicken)

Pre-Trailer Thoughts: The Lego Movie was one of the biggest surprises of 2014. Balancing charm, heart, and comedy, the animated film was lightning in a bottle. Batman ended up stealing scenes in that movie, being perfectly cast with the voice of Will Arnett. Warner Bros. decided to run with the ball, giving the brick dark knight his own film. Will the constructed caped crusader fly in his solo film outing? -LJF

Pre-Trailer Thoughts: The Lego Movie was a great surprise and one of the most enjoyable films I’ve seen over the past few years. Will Arnett’s egotistical, melodramatic, over-the-top take on Lego Batman was one of the funniest parts of the movie and definitely the most deserving of a spin-off. With much of the same crew from The Lego Movie being involved in some capacity, this is near the top of my most anticipated movies of 2017 list. – JTM

Rate the Trailer: 4 out of 5. I love everything I see here. The Batman rogue gallery, the streets of Gotham, and the titular superhero himself all take on new life in Lego form, and they are all getting new personalities thanks to a spectacular voice cast. This Batman may be a far cry from the one we see in the DCU, but that’s fine; having a superhero flick that takes on a lighter fare is a nice change of pace. -LJF

Rate the Trailer: 4 out of 5. This is going to be a great comedic take on an inherently serious subject, the loneliness of the life Bruce Wayne must lead as Batman and the creation of his surrogate family through Robin. They’ve also got an excellent voice cast backing up Will Arnett including Michael Cera as Robin, Zach Galifianakis as Joker, and Ralph Fiennes as a pitch perfect Alfred. There looks to be a massive number of cameos from characters from all over the DC Comics universe that should be a fanatstic bonus for hardcore fans. As superhero movies get more and more dour, its always great to have one that breaks the mold and goes for just plain fun. – JTM

Theater, Rent, No Thanks, Undecided? Theater. The Lego Movie was a blast, and I’m sure The Lego Batman Movie will be as well. It may not have the content to tug at the heartstrings like the original did, but that’s fine be me. As it is one of my most anticipated films of 2017 (no joke), I’m checking this out opening weekend. -LJF

Theater, Rent, Undecided, No Thanks?
Theater. Really looking forward to this, and definitely going to see this in the theater. This will definitely be something I’ll want to pick up on streaming as well just to try and catch all the background jokes that will likely go unnoticed on my first watch. – JTM

The Lego Batman Movie gets put together on February 10th, 2017

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