Teachers Definitely Stays out of TV Detention

The Season 2 premiere of TV Land's Teachers proves that there is no sophomore jinx for this educator-based series.

Written by Jennifer Amato

Never in a million years would I have thought I would have been educated so well from a sitcom.

However, while watching the Season 2 premiere of Teachers, I came away with some very important lessons:

There is a scientific algorithm to finding your eternal soulmate.

There are no victims in a classroom (as per the rapper Coolio).

When a Tamagotchi dies because you forget to feed it, that doesn’t make you a bad parent; you reset it, get a new digital pet and don’t give up.

And, of course, nobody ever questions diarrhea.

Admittedly, I was not impressed by the commercials for Teachers, nor did I have any interest in watching the first season. Yet I learned after only the first few moments of the most recent episode that I made a huge mistake by not tuning in the last go round. I laughed the entire episode – and not just a “ha ha, this is OK” or “lol, this is dumb-funny” but actual out-loud laughing that normally takes place during a live comedy show.

I am not a teacher, though I dreamed of becoming one years ago. I graduated from school a while back, though I am not that far removed that I don’t remember the trials and tribulations of every school grade. These characters capture the essence of every teacher and every classroom I’ve been in: the art teacher without a real class and no supplies, the “trailer teacher” who longs for an actual classroom inside of the actual school, the teacher with an attitude who has to control the “hell class.”

I always wondered what teachers’ lunch breaks were like, and now I have an idea – basically, teachers are real people, just like you and me. They have a life outside of the classroom (it was always shocking to see a teacher shopping at the mall), they have a social dating life (though not normally with the principal of the school – or at least I hope not) and they wear padding in their pants to make their butts look better. Like I said, just like you and me.

Teachers is definitely worth going back to school for.


Teachers Airs on TV Land Tuesdays at 10 PM

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