Review: Doom Patrol #4

Written by Andrew Fontana

In Doom Patrol #4, all the various moving parts of Gerard Way’s strange menagerie begin to coalesce into something resembling a plot. Much of the weirdness present in the first few issues are given some purpose here, clicking together in a Grant Morrison-esque fashion that satisfyingly resolves many of the frustrations in earlier issues. Like issue #3’s focus on Casey Brinke, a good chunk of #4 puts the spotlight on Larry Trainor and his motivations.

Way’s characterization also remains a highlight, especially the whimsical heroism of his creation, Casey Brinke. Each character feels distinct and unique, their dialogue fresh and their motivations believable. Even when the plot veers into zany territory Way keeps things grounded by making his protagonists feel so completely real.

Nick Derrington’s pencils and Tamra Bonvillian’s colors create perfect visualĀ  representations of Gerard Way’s ideas. Derrington’s surreal take on the Negative Zone is a real treat to behold. Each of Derrington’s characters are fully expressive and unique in their presentation. Derrington excels at portraying the otherworldly asĀ  well. His pencils, along with Bonvillain’s bright colors, go a long way in creating a unique aesthetic for the world of Doom Patrol.

Rating: 9 out of 10