Review: G.I. Joe #1 (2017)

The first issue in this new post-Revolution universe, being called Reconstruction sees the Joe team off in a fight, against some mutated ninjas. At first thought to be Dire Wraiths, turn out to be experiments of Dr. X., who if you didn’t follow another IDW title, Action Man, wouldn’t know Dr. X. is the main villain there.

The story takes a quick turn, in a head-scratching-but-good-way, as, this is not a spoiler because the big guy is on the cover, Decepticon Skywarp enters the fray.

So, we now have two of the main Decepticon Seekers turned to human allies. Over in Transformers, the Decepticon Thundercracker long ago renounced his evil ways, and now Skywarp, indebted to the Joes for saving and restoring his body, too had left the tribe.

Technically, since there is no more Cybertronian conflict, they aren’t good or bad, but it is still odd to see Decepticons aligned with humans.

The story gives us yet another-surprise, with the return of a Joe we thought killed in the G.I. Joe Revolution one-shot. While my first thought was “yay!” the second thought was… “Oh, they made a big deal about a Joe killing another Joe and that Joe isn’t a dead Joe…” It killed what should have been a major turn for a character. Now we get the beaten-to-death gimmick of someone feeling just terrible forever and ever about paralyzing their friend.

The rest of the issue is slow, but for new readers it helps us get an idea of who is part of the new core team. The end of the issue is weird.

My major gripe is the artwork. It looks like some really bad anime. Scarlett looked like Ruroni Kenshin. I want my Joes to look fierce, not cartoony.

>One surprise canceled the other, so this issue gets a 3-out-of-5 Yo Joes.