Review: Revolutionaries #1

By: Michael S. Dworkis

This is going to be a fascinating series. We have characters from some properties involved in The Revolution Arc, starting with Transformers, G.I. Joe, Action Man, and guest starring ROM.

The story begins with action. A Joe team is called in when a small town apparently loses all communication, and if ROM is involved, we know it has to do with Dire Wraiths. Gradually the players come together, Ayana Jones, formerly of the Earth Defense Command is now Mayday of G.I. Joe. ROM arrives to guide us into our next plot, while Action Man who was mostly absent  from the Revolution saga is now joining in the mission, and he’s brought a big friend, the grizzled war vet of an Autobot, Kup.

There is one other person… machine man joining the fray, and this would be the Human-Cybertronian-sleeper, G.B. Blackrock. The wild card of the bunch.

At first I wanted to think this could be IDW and Hasbro’s way of creating their own version of the Guardians of the Galaxy, a ragtag group working together as a unit, but I didn’t get that vibe by the issue’s conclusion. This felt more of a forced relationship by circumstance.

Artwork was well done, and the dialogue kept pace with the action and gives the reader a solid look into the story and what may be coming up next.

Solid intro issue, and this might be a series worth picking up weekly.

4-out-of-5 Cybertron moons