Resident Evil: The Final Chapter: Yup. Definitely Evil to Filmgoers

Written by Tommy Tracy

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Plot Summary:

The sixth chapter in the Resident Evil franchise sees Alice attempt her final revenge against Albert Wesker and the Umbrella Corps, while also battling zombies and civilians along the way.

Bad action films are a guilty pleasure amongst moviegoers. Who doesn’t love the sheer awesomeness and stupidity of The Fast and the Furious franchise? Who doesn’t find joy in films like Point Break and Speed (the cans!)? Bad action films are incredible, and there’s a reason they’re so beloved amongst many; they allow the moviegoer to turn off their brain and not have to think too much – to just have fun. Resident Evil, as a franchise, has done this for many. Some films are cheesy fun (the first and third entries come to mind), while others are just atrocious (the fifth entry, I think entitled Retribution). Unfortunately, the sixth (and final) film in the franchise, The Final Chapter, may take the cake on what a truly awful action film can look like.

We find Alice (Milla Jovovich), a few years after the last film (though it isn’t said) finding her way out of an underground bunker that we never discover the secrets of. Somehow, she’s found by the Red Queen (the A.I. from the first film), again, with no explanation. After this, she makes her way back to Raccoon City to eradicate the T-virus that has nearly destroyed humanity. Along the way, she meets back up with the villain of the third film, Dr. Sam Isaacs (Iain Glen), returning from the dead, and who wants to finally wipe humanity off the map.

That’s it. No, seriously, that is ALL THAT HAPPENS. Sure, there are plenty of zombies and action set-pieces to consume. Even though this is a franchise that is nearly all bone, there is no meat to this story whatsoever. Things just happen and you’re supposed to just go along with it and smile, apparently. The writers expect you to follow every detail for what is to come but they don’t set the pieces into place, instead relying heavily on the knowledge of previous films.

No one would claim that this franchise lays home to the greatest thespians on the planet, but dear Lord, everyone is phoning it in here. I like Milla Jovovich; she is a fun action star and does well at her job, but after fifteen years of this character, she has stopped caring. Her husband (director Paul W.S. Anderson) obviously thinks what she gives here is an Oscar-worthy performance, but she is just plain awful. Iain Glen is also pretty terrible, playing what I think is supposed to be two sides of the hero/villain coin. Ali Larter returns as Claire Redfield, something I feel no one was asking for because Larter has never been a good actress. The only bright spot is Shawn Roberts as Albert Wesker, who plays the villain with so much cheese, you can’t help but smile.

There is nothing positive to say about Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Poor acting mixed with a hard to follow plot and atrocious jump cuts make for a poor film, and I hope the box office numbers show it. Paul W.S. Anderson and company need to let this franchise die, and maybe in about a decade someone will revitalize this story and actually make it like the video game. Ugh!

Final Grade: 1/10 (because Shawn Roberts was great!)


  1. I disagree I loved the movie because it was just what I expected. I don’t care that it’s not like the video game. I don’t play those kind of games. Alice kicked pass just like the other movies. It may not win an Oscar but it was very entertaining and isn’t that what it’s suppose to do. Why do you analyze these movie to death? Some people rely on critics to tell you what’s GOOD! I like a movie I see it regardless of what the critics say about it. Great action, kick pass movie!

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