Review: Transformers: Lost Light #2

The issue shifts focus onto a parallel world, one where a group known as the Functionists are in charge of Cybertron. I was never one to care for the political side of Transformers, but as IDW continues to dive deeper, creating some more history and backstory, we now delve into a darker time period. Granted, this does not exist in the mainstream universe we know. However, this is a universe where one is judged by his or her form, and one cannot deviate from his or her purpose.

I enjoy these side-stories and venturing into new territory. We get to see a “what-if” scenario with a world where things take a turn into the unknown. We will get new characters, new plots and of course, the drama which unfolds. This will no doubt feature Megatron, who was one of the original proponents of not being limited by an alt-mode.

We get some more backstory into newcomers Anode and Lug. The latter intrigues me as originally being a Headmaster partner to Hosehead, but in this new continuity, Lug is his own person. Anode can be annoying. Very annoying. Way too many cynical and sarcastic jabs, to a point where someone is holding a sign saying “she’s the weird one!”

We get it.

The other side story, is between Cyclonus and Tailgate, the latter increasing in power and strength, but is warned of a “with great power comes great responsibility” shpiel.

Artwork solid, except for the cartoony cover. Just doesn’t work for me.

This month’s Artist Exclusive covers though are fantastic.