Review: Transformers: Till All Are One #7

Pushing forward, Windblade and her unit manage to get aboard Carcer, the Titan under control of Elita-1 and her militia. This comic one is all battle. What I enjoy most is the delicate progression towards the goal. I felt like in past issues, the story began with “this is the goal” and by the end the goal was met. Its as though there was no imagination to draw it out.

Here, it gets drawn out very well, and will lead to a big reveal next issue. This is the type of story I want. The zombie Titans are rampaging across Cybertron. The current leader Starscream has an interesting moment, questioning what type of bot he is, and the flashback to a past choice is certainly a shadow of things to come.

There is a healthy diversity in character use, some more than others, but a stark reminder this just is not about Cybertron, but other worlds and other Transformers.

The artwork is consistent and, while the occasional Manga style distractingly pops-up, is overall is well-drawn and conveys the drama and urgency of the conflict. Story continues to be solid.

Next issue will show what really happened to Carcer and the big secret. You should read this issue to find out the secrets will unfold.