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Believe All The Hype: Logan is That Damn Good

Written by Tommy Tracy

Seventeen years ago, X-Men opened in theaters. The movie stunned audiences and critics alike while also kick starting what many believe to be the modern day superhero films. Sure, we had Batman and Superman before it, but Bryan Singer and company created something that we are still seeing today. Much like what Halloween did for the slasher genre, X-Men changed the game and, in my opinion, the world was better for it.

Through some exceptionally amazing films (X2, Days of Future Past) and some truly God awful ventures (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), one thing has remained consistently great: Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Now, seventeen years later (and God knows how many years in Logan’s life), we get the man’s best and most beautiful performance.

Set in the not too distant future (aren’t they all?), Logan takes us on the journey of, well, Logan, living in a world where mutants are nearly extinct. Beaten, scarred and broken, Logan is just trying to survive in a world where his kind is less than welcome. Logan, along with Caliban (Stephen Merchant), is caring for a mentally diminished Professor Xavier (Sir Patrick Stewart). Soon they are joined by the mysterious Laura (Dafne Keen) and Logan is forced into a fatherly role he never bargained for.

To spread anymore information of the plot would dive heavily into spoiler territory and trust me X-Men fans, you do not want this spoiled.

The first thing you’ll notice about Logan, and I mean THE FIRST THING, is the insanely violent world the characters are now living in. This film earns its R-rating within the first few minutes and anyone who has read a Wolverine based comic will marvel (ha!) at how realistic and visceral it is.

Honestly, Deapool’s success is to thank for this gory goodness and it’s something fans have been waiting to sink their claws into. When Logan shreds, he is literally ripping these people apart in front of your very eyes. One scene in particular (spoiled in the trailers), shows Logan and Laura brutalizing a small army of soldiers and the chaos, gore and intensity is exhilarating.

I’ve already mentioned how amazing Jackman is in this role. Sure, he’s had nearly two decades to hone is craft but this is something else. He’s old, beaten, weathered — a man who has lost hope in both humanity and mutants alike. The decisions Jackman makes are a sight to behold. From a simple movement of the eyes to the way he leaps into the air to kill his prey, we see a different man in almost every scene. It’s actually quite a sight to see and, though it probably won’t happen, the man deserves a much-needed Best Actor nomination from the Academy in 2018.

Stewart is also a game changer, playing a very different Xavier than we have ever seen before. Close to death, powers weakened, Charles has little to live for anymore and we see that in every scene. He’s dead on the inside but his body is too stubborn to die. However, the revelation is Laura, played by newcomer Keen. She’s cute, rude, funny and dangerous, all wrapped up into a little fireball of energy waiting to explode. She doesn’t say much but it’s not necessary; she radiates ferociousness with a blink of an eye.

Logan is a lot of things: a superhero film, a road movie, a gore fest and a tragedy. People with different cinematic tastes can find something to like here and that’s a plus. If superhero fatigue is a “thing” in this world, Logan proves that you can make an amazing comic book movie and not make it about comic books (even if they are mentioned in a scene).

This film is beautifully acted, directed, written and shot by an amazing team of people who actually gave a damn about giving Hugh Jackman one last stand (okay, enough puns). The only negative I can even think of is knowing that, if this is indeed Jackman’s last hurrah, we won’t see him sharpen those claws again and go berserk. This is a love letter, a thank you to fans who wanted to see the most popular mutant on screen. Man does this movie kick ass and I dare say, next to The Dark Knight, it is the only other perfect superhero movie we’ve got!

Logan Rating: 10/10

P.S. Thank you, Hugh Jackman.


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