Chance the Rapper Drops Video for “Same Drugs”

Angelo Gingerelli

Chance the Rapper Drops Video for “Same Drugs”

The latest visual from Chance The Rapper’s Grammy nominated Coloring Book album sets the somewhat somber “Same Drugs” against the backdrop of a trippy 70’s kid’s show similar to HR Pufnstuf with a surprise ending that is definitely worth the wait.

The track features several guest vocalists and the video does an admirable job of embodying them all in a single puppet as Chance’s duet partner at a grand piano. Much like the song or the artist himself, this is not your stereotypical rap video as  it is more influenced by shows like Crank Yankers and Sesame Street than MTV Cribs.

If you don’t know about Chance The Rapper by now, you are already pretty late to the party (the kid is nominated for multiple Grammys), but “Same Drugs” would be a good place to start getting to know one of the brightest stars of this generation of MC’s.

Video courtesy of Rive Video.

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