Broken Rant-A-Mania

Earlier today, I saw this tweet posted by Seth Rollins.


Majority of replies were supportive of the former WWE Champion, but there were a few calling him out and bashing him. This is a prime example of the sad entitled mentality so-called fans have, believing any celebrity needs to stop what they are doing to appease them. It’s flat-out stupid. Considering Rollins is likely on a rigid promotional schedule, rehab, workout routine, they guy is likely tired and either wants to go home/to his hotel and get some rest while he still can.

In other words, stop trolling and let common sense seep in.

I get some odd text messages last night from my friend Ronn, attending the Ring of Honor show at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

The Hardyz are at the show…They’re challenging the Young Bucks to a ROH Title Match…The Hardys win the titles.

An hour passes, a new message Bubba Dudley, back to the Bully Ray gimmick has joined Ring of Honor. Later at night, I get an email from Bill, in what I imagine him clutching his child and rocking back and forth sweating in anxious paranoia…

Del Rio wins the TNA title.

LAX reunites in TNA.

Broken Hardys win the ROH Tag Titles.

Bully Ray debuts in ROH.


I’m just trying to compute all this insanity. At one point I read Bruce Pritchard was downplaying the TNA brand, then we do a 180 and Del Rio is now champion. Good for him, but is it good for him? Is there anyone at this point who views TNA/Impact as on a slower death-knell than the WCW “reboot” gimmick?

For starters, I imagine this is a heart-sinker for those who were praying for “Broken Hardys” to return to WWE. For Ring of Honor, this is huge. Big deal huge. It just amazes me how ROH just doesn’t plow over TNA, get some mainstream television programming and become a solid #2 wrestling promotion.

Bully Ray/Bubba Ray Dudley being in Ring of Honor is also a big surprise, but I have difficulty seeing this as a long-term deal, unless this is something for him to keep busy in the wrestling industry. Not a bad thing.

LAX coming back to TNA, winning tag team championships. good for them. “Cowboy” James Storm going back to his old gimmick, nice, probably something longtime fans are appreciative to see, but ultimately is it going to make big changes? Is it positive? Hard to say. TNA/Impact has a good vault of talented people, it just feels as though they are sliding back down into a local territory or indy-style fed. Maybe I’m wrong.

I do hope all these recent changes do well for those involved. I believe Alberto del Rio really got shafted, again, by WWE, so any major move he makes ought to be valued.

Lastly, Damien Sandow left WWE, and became Aron Rex in TNA. For a while it seemed good, straight-forward, no-nonsense. Then the powers-that-be said, “hey let’s give him a wacky gimmick” which was the EXACT OPPOSITE of what he was trying to get away from I the first place? It looks like an over-the-top version of Rico (remember that guy?) considering you couldn’t get any more over-the-top. Sigh. Comedy truly does turn to tragedy.


  1. The Liberace gimmick is actually something Sandow came up with in developmental and pitched to WWE creative. They said no. So looks like he “got his wish” in TNA.

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