Review: Justice League/Power Rangers #3

Written Andrew Fontana

Justice League/ Power Rangers #3 looses some of the hard-won momentum of the previous issues. A part of that is due,  perhaps, to the gimmick of this crossover wearing a bit thin, but the presence of a fairly generic plot doesn’t help much either. Issue #3 is still a fun read despite these qualms, and that is primarily due to the strength of the character work.

This issue sees the first real team-up between the Power Rangers and the Justice League. Taylor keeps things moving at a brisk pace, rarely giving his large cast time to breathe until later in the issue. He is able to make the most out of  his few slow moments despite the breakneck pace. Indeed, this issue is at its strongest when slows down enough for these characters to actually engage each other. The somewhat terse relationship between Batman and the Black Ranger is a highlight, but the dynamic these two teams share is engaging enough to keep the reader hooked.

Byrne’s artwork sells the frantic proceedings that Taylor writes. His scenes capture the necessary scale to render fights between giant monsters and dinosaur  robots. He also conveys  the quiet moments pretty well. His Batman and Superman carry the requisite gravitas, while the Rangers sans Power Coins actually look like believable teenagers.

Rating: 7.5