Review: Revolutionaries #2

Back to action, Action Man that is. The unsuspecting British spy finds himself trapped among Cobra corpses, and also face-to-face with his nemesis, and new villain to boot. The mystery of the genetically modified ninjas are revealed as is the reveal of the existence of another “Storm Shadow.”

The team becomes a bit tighter, in both cause and main plot. The Micronauts also bring in some much needed answers, and in a very awesome nod to the original Transformers animated film, Kup gives us the quote of a lifetime. Amazingly, the Micronauts understand. Love it.

I don’t love the breadcrumbs. I’m feeling we are going “property jumping” where each series gets a prominent feature in each issue. Last issue was GI Joe, this issue was Micronauts, next is going to be MASK? A visit to each series isn’t so terrible, but it feels like a “villain of the week” vibe. Hopefully it is only temporary, just to introduce us to all the key players.

Overall, enjoyable issue, and I imagine once the kinks are worked out, this will be smooth sailing.