Review: Transformers: Lost Light #3

Transformers in a parallel universe? Are you squealing and running laps around the room? This is what Nightbeat and Brainstorm do in an early page of the issue, and quite frankly, it’s what we all are thinking. It is very rare alternate universes are explored in mainstream comics. This was something left up to the minds at the now-defunct Transformers Collector’s Club and their fiction from Botcon and club exclusives.

The group of travelers are immersed in a world where Functionists have taken control, and the worthless alt-modes are persecuted, destroyed, or worse. A society where your function dictates your worth. Sounds pretty bad. It is pretty bad.

We also see what happens when Whirl does something stupid, and the most ridiculously named Decepticon is unleashed. What the hell happened to Cyclonus anyway? Seriously, the behemoth has a magic wand?

The quips and comedy are present, but subdued as all our featured travelers are in immediate peril. A very enjoyable issue, and again, leaves this reader little patience for the next issue.