Review: Revolutionaries #3

Taking a little side step away from the main story, we last recall our heroes in a predicament of mystery. A little of that mystery is peeled away with a story featuring the legendary Adventure Team!

For those unaware, the Adventure Team is what birthed Joe Colton, who became the dubbed founding father of G.I. Joe. What happens now, with IDW and Hasbro presenting Revolution, we now learn Miles Manheim was a member of the old school military outfit, along with some other old-time heroes you may or may not have heard of.

Seeing Manheim and Colton interact puts a smirk on my face. It’s watching two grizzled soldiers banter while getting the job done. The links between past and present are woven together with precision, leading the current team of Revolutionaries closer to their goal.

Artwork on the old-school tale is great. I don’t know why, but I feel the art on Blackrock’s cybertronian form is a bit of a mess. Is it the colors? I find at times it is a mix of G1 styles with some of Michael Bay’s influence. Not a fan of the latter. Maybe I read into it too much.

The side-trip also provides insight into another organization with shady dealings, as well as yet another villain the heroes will contend with. While some may dislike the sudden roster additions with each issue, I am perfectly fine with a stable of antagonists the heroes will eventually face off with.

Liking the story a lot, and man, I hope we get more Adventure Team side stories.