Box Office Predictions: Can Beauty & The Beast Break Batman v Superman’s March Record?

Notable Openings This Weekend: Beauty and the Beast

I’m guessing many will want to be guests at Beauty & The Beast this weekend.

Last year, Disney had the top five highest grossing films. They are the dominant studio right now. Not debatable. When you look at their line up for 2017, they’ll be sweeping the leg once more.

Disney’s first big film out of the gate has arrived, and it’s a beast. Beauty and the Beast is going to make so much money, Disney will be able to fund another theme park from the box office gross of this movie alone. What could I possibly say that hasn’t been said already? It’s one of Disney’s more beloved classics. The cast is stacked. The trailers have gotten massive praise. This movie could very well break the March opening weekend record set last year by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($166 Million+). I’m sure everybody will love to tout that come Monday morning. Is there anything more popular for film blogs to do than find another excuse to poke fun at that film?

Can anything derail this beast? The reviews aren’t great like Disney movies usually are, and there have been some complaints that it looks too much like a shot for shot remake. I guess there could be some deep purists who refuse to see this based on principle, but I’m really reaching here. This will be Disney Executives over the weekend and what they do to all other studios:


Belle, the Beast, Gaston and all the clocks and dishes and whatever else are going to clean up, but I do think it will fall short of the March record. Score one for Zack Snyder, baby!

1. Beauty & The Beast – $162 Million

2. Kong: Skull Island – $25.5 Million

3. Logan – $19 Million

4. Get Out – $14 Million

5. The Shack – $6 Million

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