Review: The Circle #4

Writte by: Rachel Freeman

The Circle is published by Action Lab Entertainment under their Dangerzone imprint. It is written by Damon Clark with art by Alyzia Zherno.

This has been one of my favorite indie comic titles this year, so far. And the next issue is going to be the final one for this series and I’m super bummed! But also really excited to read the ending. It’s a complicated feeling, I’m sure fellow comic readers understand. So basically, things are getting real intense, real fast. Christian needs to figure out how to purge himself of this demon. Now. Before his soul is taken and he turns into a demon himself. That’s kind of hard when only 5 friends you’ve made in your new town are trying to set you up for murder and also kill you. Christian is a lot smarter than they give him credit for though. He isn’t going down without a fight, especially once they threaten to kill his dad – the only family he has left. Like many supernatural story heroes though, he has an older, wise Latina woman on his side who may know a way to save him: He’s going to have to kill them before they kill him.

I’m a little skeptical of this lady. Not gonna lie. I could be wrong, but right now I don’t trust anyone in Christian’s life except his dad. I wouldn’t trust anyone in this freaking town. But what choice does Christian have right now? This issue is full of some unexpected twists. Christian finally tells his dad what’s happening and, his dad…believes him? Anyone else would think he was crazy, but his dad has faith in his son. It may sound cliche to some, but it honestly made me really happy that he didn’t have to like…trick his dad, or piss him off, or make him think it was something it isn’t like in every other story. No. He just straight up tells him what’s happening, even if it sounds crazy. And you know, I relate a lot to Christian in a lot of ways, and I know that my own father loves me, that we watch a lot of horror movies, and that if I told him this was happening, he would believe me. Maybe that’s why I liked this issue so much. Christian’s dad was seriously the best.

As always, Alyzia Zherno’s art was eerily gorgeous. I really think she was perfect for drawing this series. I do wish we got to see more of the action that happened and more of what Christian can do. We have one issue left and I still don’t fully understand his power. Then again, neither does Christian, so maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be. That feeling was amplified in this issue though because there was a lot of action, but we didn’t really get to see it at the same time.  I’m incredibly excited and truly sad that next month I’ll be reading the last issue. But it has been, and I’m sure will continue to be, a great story.


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