Review: Odyssey of the Amazons #3

Written by Rachel Freeman

Odyssey of the Amazons is published by DC Comics. It is written by Kevin Grevioux with art by Richard Friend.

So, immediately picking up where we left off in issue #2, Hessia and her group of Amazons are joined by the Viking Prince, Jon, and some of his warriors in search of their taken sisters. Who are being held by giant troll-creatures, led by their queen, a sorceress named Groa. However, on their way, some Valkyries fly in from the sky and knock the Vikings out simply by shouting (because their words are not meant for mortal ears and Amazons are immortals, so they explain). The leader of this Valkyries, Freyja, claims that the Amazons are working with the trolls and helped them kidnap one of their sisters. We readers know this to be untrue, and eventually Freyja starts to believe her. Until an Amazon sister (who is not herself, but a spy for Groa in disguise) shouts to the trolls to attack. Though together, the Valkyries and Amazons manage to fend them off, the Valkyries faith in the Amazons has now been obliterated. Now, as their sisters are being tortured by trolls, the Amazon search party must fight for their lives instead of saving their sisters. They aren’t exactly even though. Things are not looking good for our search and rescue team.

Pros: A lot of action happens in this issue. Lots of fighting, lots of death, you know, all the good stuff. We also finally get to see what’s happening to the captured Amazons and get to learn why they were taken in the first place. It makes for a pretty unique plot. We also see the Amazons fight Valkyries, beings who are SIGNIFICANTLY stronger than them. We’re generally used to seeing Amazons kick ass with not much struggle. But damn. These Valkyries. I also like the art a lot in this series. The women look strong and powerful, not overly sexualized. They’re actually more fierce than the men we’ve seen so far. So, kudos to Richard Friend.

Cons: A lot happened in this issue. Like. A lot. Too much, in my opinion. It was really hard to follow what was happening and why. We fought Vikings and now we’re fighting Trolls and then we’re fighting Valkyries but its ok, we made peace with the Valkyries, back to fighting Trolls. Just kidding, the Valkyries hate us again and we’re fighting them again. Also, sidenote, our sisters are being tortured and murdered. Just. How do you follow all of that? And why is SO much happening at once? How about we resolve the troll thing and THEN there can be a big Valkyrie fight. I don’t know if there is a reason we’re cramming so much into one, but it’s a bit excessive right now. It takes away from the focus, because I don’t even know what the focus is honestly. Which is more important? And then the end just left me in utter confusion.


I want to read the next issue, I want to know what happens next. I’m still intrigued, but this issue really put a damper on the series thus far for me.