Review: Suicide Squad #14

Written by Andrew Fontana

Suicide Squad #14 is one of those comics where the sum is somewhat lesser than it’s relatively enjoyable individual parts. The creative team of Rob Williams and John Romita Jr. is solid enough, to be sure, but poor pacing and format choices stifle whatever potential this issue could have had. Much has already been said about the odd choice to give this book unnecessary backups. That creative decision was unjustifiable when this book was launched, and remains an albatross that cuts into any momentum the main story achieves. 

This is a shame, because the main story truly has the potential to be compelling. Rob Williams knows how to write these characters. He understands what makes them tick. Its a shame that the structure of this book keeps Williams from getting all he can from these characters.

John Romita Jr.’s art is the highlight of the issue. His action scenes nearly make up for the weaknesses of Williams’ script  despite their  paucity. His highly stylized pencils are further enhanced by Dean White’s vibrant coloring. These two inject a vibrancy into this book that balances out the script’s poor pacing. Hopefully Williams gives Romita and White the chance to show what they are truly capable of as an art time. Eddy Barrows and Adriano Lucas do a solid job making the backup palatable as well. Barrows’ realistic pencils and Lucas’ more muted colors contrast a bit with the main plot’s art, but fits well with the story Williams is spinning in the backup. Barrows and Lucas makes the Louisiana bayou drip with menace, and Barrows’ Croc is hulking monstrosity that looks like The Lizard on steroids. If any art team  is on Swamp Thing book in the future, it should be them.

Rating: 6.5

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